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Lawrence Eagleburger, former Secretary of State says "I am a firm believer in the Foreign Service Institute's language programs. I took the course early in my Foreign Service career, and thanks to the quality of the teaching methods used, was able to go from no competence in the language to an almost bilingual facility in only a few months. I know of no method of teaching a foreign language that even approaches the quality of the FSI program."

Language experts agree, Foreign Service Institute courses, FSI Courses, are the most complete and thorough self-instructional language course available. Our competitors would like you to believe learning a language is easy and fun. We think they are being dishonest. The truth about learning a language is it takes time. Repetition, vocabulary, sentence structure are the building blocks our course utilizes to teach a language. Lots of repetition drills. Dialog drills. Pronunciation drills. Vocabulary. Your investment in a language course is your time. The audio material is from native speakers and the corresponding textbook is your guide. There are no short cuts. Foreign Service Institute's methodology sets the student on a path to a certified level of fluency. Foreign Service Institute courses are the most comprehensive self instructional language material available on the market.

Foreign Service Institute.COM publishes United States State Department Language Courses. All Foreign Service Institute courses, FSI Courses, have been digitally re-mastered, using the latest technology, to improve the quality of audio, and are tagged and copyrighted.

Here is what are customers say:

"I recently ordered a language course with which I am very pleased.  However, having a minimum knowledge of computers, I needed help installing the product on various devices.

The assistance I received from Jay Reynolds was unbelievable, fabulous, awesome and appreciated.  He took me through every step.  Jay Reynolds was thoughtful and patient and very knowledgeable.  It was so nice getting assistance from someone who is an American and speaks fluent English and has a thorough knowledge of the product and computer applications.  With every dumb question, Jay Reynolds remained kind and patient and more importantly, he knew the answer.

I am very grateful for his assistance.  Jay Reynolds is a very special and irreplaceable person."

Bless you! - Linda

"Your courses are exellent and much better than others I have tried!" - Kevin - Ireland

"Thank you for your excellent and very reasonably priced product and good luck with your future sales" - Ray - Australia

P.S.  I thank you for offering this product... When school starts back, I will enlist my students to contact you and buy language DVDs from your company.  Also, I will buy the Hausa language DVD (and when the Yoruba is complete) this fall.  I will also buy the Amharic, Shona and Swhalli Language DVDs. It is always nice to know some of the languages of the areas I discuss in class... It gives you more validity. 

Again, as I mentioned the last time we emailed, keep up the great work... I am truly thankful.  Further, I will tell the University library where I work to buy some of your DVDs..  I will also contact the local library to see if they will buy some of your DVDs.  I know them pretty well and they are always willing to get quality and reasonably priced products for their patrons... - Saul - Florida

Wow.  Two day delivery.  Thank you very much. 

So far, quite pleased with the product.  Nice pdf of the text.  Pleasantly surprised at the audio, considering the starting material. - James - California

I am really enjoying the courses I ordered from you. I wondered if you will be adding to your list in the future. I am happy with my Cantonese (My FAVORITE dialect of Chinese!), but I have friends who are looking for Mandarin, and others are looking for different languages. Thank you for any info you can provide, and most especially, thank you for making these dvds available at such a low price. - Wendy - Massachusetts

Good morning, I received it, thank you for the quick response to my emails and for the good quality of the material.  :D